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Current threats are more diverse, unpredictable and transnational. Aware of this fact, the National Strategic Defence Concept (CEDN) considers Strategic Intelligence as a fundamental vector of the Portuguese State’s deliberated action.
As is the case with all security and law enforcement agencies, SIS is at the exclusive service of the Portuguese people. It is strictly politically-neutral and ensures internal security through its exclusive mission of producing security intelligence, indispensable to maintaining the Rule of Law as set in the constitution.

SIS employees and officers have special duties and obligations (duty of non-disclosure, exclusivity of functions and full availability), as well as professional duties that fall on all Portuguese civil service officers (impartiality, caution, compliance, loyalty, and correctness).
about us
About us
SIS is tasked with producing security intelligence to assist political decision-makers. We aim to anticipate phenomena and knowing the threats to collective security, such as:

• Transnational Terrorism

• Classic Espionage

• Economic Espionage

• Organized Crime

• Ideological and Religious Extremism

• Money Laundering

• International Trafficking of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) - Proliferation

• Trafficking of Human Beings and Illegal Migration

• Cybercrime

• New Types of Crime

To counter these threats, SIS counts on the support of all the security and law enforcement agencies and the public authorities in general. The former have a special duty to collaborate with SIS, while the latter have a generic duty of providing support when such is justifiably requested.

In turn, SIS discloses to the competent criminal investigation and law enforcement authorities any information that is pertinent in terms of assisting with preventing criminal activities.

We are not authorized to restrict fundamental rights, freedoms, and guarantees; intercept communications; make arrests; carry out criminal proceedings or investigations; carry out acts that fall under the courts or law enforcement bodies.

SIS works within the ethical framework of a modern democracy, fully accountable to the Prime-Minister, the Portuguese law and under parliamentary scrutiny. SIS exists to protect the country, its people, and its interest.


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